Hello World

I have just set up a new blog with Hexo, and made a slightly modified version of hexo-tag-katex to compile LaTeX expressions inside dollar signs, instead of using Hexo tags. KaTeX is a wonderful library built by Khan Academy, which renders LaTeX equations a lot faster and more beautifully than MathJax.

H(T)ψ(t)=itψ(t)H(T) \left | \psi(t) \right \rangle = i \hbar \frac{\partial}{\partial t} \left | \psi(t) \right \rangle

It is also very easy to include code snippets like:

import com.kakao.cuesheet

object MySparkJob extends CueSheet {{
spark.sql("show databases").show();

I like this hackability of Hexo, in part because I am less familiar with Ruby. I am going to make this my personal website, migrating from Tumbler which started to put a video ad on their page.